The Signature System

Brighten Skin  |  Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles  |  Unlock Cell Turnover

This game-changing skin care system is the doctor’s go-to Signature System for creating an even skin tone, smooth texture, and a radiant glow. Packed with potent, medical grade ingredients to powerfully treats fine lines and wrinkles,  discoloration, inflammation from acne, environmental damage, clogged pores, and scarring. It powerfully and visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Your skin will love it!

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The Signature System - What's Included

The Acne System The Acne System

The Signature System is the the solution for diminishing and treating dark spots, uneven skin tone, dull or dusky undertones, patchy skin texture, and inflammation that causes acne. When the skin is undertreated or compromised the skin renewal cycle is deeply impacted and stops self-healing. The Signature system is clinically tested to powerfully reinvigorate the skin renewal cycle for darker, melanated skin. This must-have routine tightens, brightens, firms, reduces wrinkles, and renews the skin to give you that natural healthy glow! 

*Routine Steps will vary AM/PM

Step 1 - Skin Renewal
Polish + Mask

The Acne System The Acne System

Gently exfoliating cream polish and mask that brightens and smoothes dull and uneven skin tone and texture. 

Step 2 - Resurfacing Face
+ Body Cleanser

The Acne System The Acne System

Deeply cleans debris on top of and beneath the skin, while minimizing pore size, and improving skin tone and texture.

Step 3 - Firm & Bright
Eye Gel

The Acne System The Acne System

High potency, antioxidant and peptide formula improves skin firmness, elasticity and corrects dark pigmentation around the eyes.

Step 4 - Vita C
Restore Serum 

The Acne System The Acne System

High concentration of stabilized vitamin C for brightening, firming and balancing of skin PH. 

Step 5 - Retinol
Lipid Complex

The Acne System The Acne System

Highly potent 0.5% retinol and gycolipids complex that promotes rapid skin renewal and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles without peeling or irritation. 

Step  6 - Ultra Glow

The Acne System The Acne System

Deeply hydrates, firms and brightens skin with potent peptides, antioxidants, and botanical ingredients for full spectrum protection.

Step 7 - HA Plump
+ Protect

The Acne System The Acne System

Hyaluronic acid with rich fruit and mushroom extracts offer long term hydration and full spectrum environmental protection to keep skin hydrated, smooth, and glowing. 

Step 8 - Skin Protect
Sunscreen SPF 40

The Acne System The Acne System

Tinted sunscreen that offers full spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and HEV (blue light) damage.

The Signature System is Good For These Skin Types:

The Signature System is for you if:

uneven skin tone

Dark Spots

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Real Clients | Real Results

“[It's about] being comfortable in your skin, as well as your body. I simply don’t feel bad anymore.” 


Using The Signature System

Boosted AM / PM System

Youthful, firming, and illuminating results

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Women of color is a term used to describe women who have darker skin tones, particularly skin types 3 through 6 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Though many conclude the term “melanated” to refer solely to Black skin, the term ‘melenated’ is actually representative of a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds including Black, Indian, Asian, Latina, Pacific Islander. Regardless of culture, it is important to embrace and understand your skin tone in order to treat it safely and easily.


Unfortunately, women of color with melanted skin are often not a part of the scientific studies regarding skincare. That’s where Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi is different. Dr. Sethi has conducted a vast amount of research, in person, with numerous women of color, using products for melanated skin on melanated skin. She’s used her science-based approach to create products that keep melanin in mind, always. Dr. Sethi wants you to feel educated, empowered, and excited about your beautiful, unique melanted skin.


Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi consists of four skin systems: Acne, Brightening, Hydration, Signature.

Each system targets specific skin concerns, and each system provides consistent and long-term results. A skincare routine, or as we call them, a ‘system,’ is essential in truly targeting and treating root causes that result in uneven skin tone, rough texture, dull and dry skin, acne, scarring, and a low-functioning skin renewal cycle. Take a look at all of our Systems HERE, or take the Skin Scan to see which System works best for you! Take the Skin Scan Here.


When we say our products are medical-grade and clinically proven, it means each product and System are subject to rigorous standards and testing.

Each product is backed by clinical studies, having been tested in a lab for more than six months, and further, used in a clinical and medically-supervised setting treating various skin concerns and conditions that affect and impact melanated skin, specifically. Each product’s ingredients have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect, providing both aesthetic and medicinal benefits (gorgeous skin that is also thoroughly healthy).

All of Dr. Sethi’s studies have focused on women of color, ensuring her products and Systems work for melanated skin.


As an internal medicine doctor, Dr. Sethi has decades of experience in defining root causes and achievable solutions for numerous patients with a plethora of skin, body, and health concerns. Respectfully, dermatologists focus solely on the skin, on the outside primarly. Dr. Sethi has cultivated her skincare line by focusing on both the internal causes and external elements that impact our skin. When it comes to esthetics, additional training is required for both dermatologists and internal medicine doctors.

Dr. Sethi has completed and continues to acquire training and certifications in clinical and medical aesthetics. Dr. Sethi is also a key opinion leader and advisor for national and international medical doctors who are seeking advanced knowledge about treating melanated skin within their clinical and medical aesthetics practices. Visit here to learn more about Dr. Sethi and her experience!


Dr. Sethi has used her Systems philosophy with thousands of patients at her medical spas. The Skin Systems, depending on your skin concerns, have successfully and treated the root causes of the low-functioning skin renewal cycle, especially for more melanated skin tones. A fully well-functioning skin renewal cycle is able to treat acne, the root causes of acne, scarring, dehydrated, dry and dull skin, accelerated aging, and uneven skin tone and skin texture. Our customers and clients have enjoyed the benefits of purely healthy, makeup-optional skin that is radiant, smooth and spot-free.


We can’t wait for you to start elevating your skin and celebrating your beauty! You can get started by taking our skin scan here and taking a look at our full range of products here.