About Us

We are here to heal your skin, not cover it up.

Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi is a skincare line created for women of color, by a woman of color.

We strive to solve the most common skin concerns for women of color and bring out their skin's  natural radiance so they feel even more beautiful, glowing, and confident. 

Our Missions and Values


Dr. Sethi offers education, experiences, and innovation to inform and treat stubborn skin concerns for darker skin tones. 


We empower and celebrate underrepresented women of color in the skincare industry and celebrate their unique skin tones. 


Our highest intention with SKIN by Dr. Sethi is to provide straightforward, clinically-proven skincare routines that produce radiant, natural results for women of color, with beautiful melanated skin.

About Dr. Sethi

As an Internal Medicine doctor, Dr. Simran Sethi has two decades of experience treating patients on a clinical and aesthetic level. Dr. Sethi has cultivated her skincare line by focusing on both how the skin is impacted from the inside and out. Dr. Sethi has completed extensive hospital and clinical training as an Internist and additionally has additional expertise in aesthetic dermatology.

Dr. Sethi has had the privilege of meeting and treating thousands of women of color in her Bay Area medical spas. Her professional and personal experience with treating melanated skin led her to develop Skin and identify the power of the skin renewal cycle, specifically when treating darker skin tones. Dr. Sethi’s areas of expertise are in treating acne, scarring, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dry and textured skin for melanated skin.

In addition to being an MD, Dr. Sethi acquired an executive MBA from The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania. She is also a leading provider and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for CynoSure lasers, the world’s leading company in energy-based aesthetic and medical treatments. As a KOL, Dr. Sethi leads specialty programming panels for treating melanated skin for other medical aesthetic doctors seeking best-practice protocols.

When women of color don't see themselves in the enormous beauty industry, they don't feel seen, and as a result, their skin, their confidence, and their lifestyles are overlooked, not to mention, the proper care unique to their skin tones.

With SKIN, I hope these many women feel truly beautiful and empowered about their skin from the inside out.

- Dr. Simran Sethi

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Sethi