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The Do’s and Don’ts of Treating Skin of Color

While we hope each new skincare treatment we try will help us to achieve perfect skin, that’s not always the case. All skin is unique, so some ingredients and tools that nurture some people’s skin may be damaging to others.
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How Computer Screens and Indoor Lighting Age Skin

You once thought that UVA/UVB from the sun and the environment largely impacted skin health, but there’s another source that’s affecting our skin: our indoor light and screen time, things we are constantly exposed to. Over the last decade, a lot of evidence shows the harmful effects of blue light (HEV) emitted by TV screens, computers, and other digital devices, and the effects cause premature skin aging.
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Are You Using Hyaluronic Acid Correctly?

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the biggest and most-used skincare products in the market, however, it is more often than not used incorrectly and in the wrong step of a skincare routine. But first, let’s briefly explain what Hyaluronic Acid is and then how to correctly use it to see REAL results.
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What Makes Skincare Medical-Grade...

Medical-grade skincare has a reputation of being higher-quality than drugstore skincare products. However, their higher costs can leave people hesitant to make the purchase and curious about whether or not these products are really worth the price and all of the hype.
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The Best Ways to Exfoliate for your Skin Tone and Skin Type

You may not realize this, but exfoliation is a process that takes place on and within your skin every day. As a part of your skin renewal cycle, your body is continuously shedding old skin cell layers from its outermost surface to make way for newer skin. As we age, and as we are exposed to different environmental factors, our skin needs an extra boost in exfoliation to continue making new, healthy, and radiant skin.
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