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Perfect Primer

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Smooth, supple and nourished skin is essential for creating a flawless makeup finish. The Perfect Primer is beloved by makeup artists and an essential part of their toolkit. Formulated with medical-grade active ingredients, this trio not only results in a satin, airbrushed look but also boosts cell renewal, curbs oil production, and provides lasting hydration day after day. 

Here's what's in the Perfect Primer trio, and the order of use:

1.) Green Tea Calming Complex: A lightweight serum composed of green tea and hyaluronic acid efficiently rehydrates, calms, and helps retain moisture, rebalancing the skin's texture. Suitable as a smoothing base prior to applying makeup.

2.) Ultra Glow Moisturizer offers maximum protection from UV and blue light (HEV), while replenishing moisture and delivering essential antioxidants to the skin barrier. It recharges skin, repairs damage, and locks in hydration. 

3.) Hyaluronic Plump & Protect provides and seals instant hydration for a period of 24 hours, in addition to defending the skin from free radical damage caused by UV/HEV (blue light) exposure. 

All Perfect Primer products are TSA-friendly!  

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Medica-Grade Skincare Products for Melanated Skin - SKIN by Dr. Simran Sethi

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