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 Skin Care Essentials - SKIN by Dr. Simran Sethi

Skin Care Essentials

Skin Care Essentials

Maintaining Lasting Beauty and Skin Health the Most Practical Way

Dr. Simran Sethi A custom daily skin care routine with the right combination of ingredients is one of the best ways to treat your skin (of course, so is drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily!) A proper skin care regimen strengthens our skin, keeps it clean, hydrated, and free of blemishes/acne. Skin health is so essential in this day and age. We are learning to nourish our skin with the right foods (a topic we’ll discuss in another blog), and the right products to keep collagen and elastin constantly replenished. I also want to share what we can do to protect our skin, our shield essentially, from environmental damage on a daily basis. Below are some of the most essentials of a healthy, anti-aging, blemish fighting skin care routine suitable for any age:

A PH balanced cleanser

Our skin’s pH (how acidic or alkaline) determines its ability to cleanse bacteria and maintain adequate hydration. A cleanser should be gentle enough to clean the skin of any makeup or dirt without stripping it of its natural oils, otherwise it will signal the body to overproduce oil. Most drug store brand acne cleansers are an example of a cleanser that strips the skin of oils which then leads to excess oil production or hyperpigmentation in certain darker skin tones. I designed a skincare collection called RenewMD SKIN, which has two cleansers, both of which can easily clean the skin effectively while maintaining hydration. I frequently find among my patients that they pay more attention to their serums and creams, while using a suboptimal cleanser, which compromises the effectiveness of their routine. A tried and true skincare tip is to cleanse and wash the face in the morning and evening using cold water (this locks in moisture in the skin). Going to bed without washing your face and/or taking makeup off leads to clogged pores, breakouts, skin rashes and more.

Vitamin-C Serum

Vitamin-C is a powerful antioxidant with a multitude of systemic benefits. When applied topically, it promotes collagen and elastin working at a molecular level which leads to stronger, plumper and clearer skin. I use vitamin-C myself and frequently suggest it as an adjunct to the microneedling procedure in order to really allow it to sink into the skin and jump start the collagen producing and brightening process. One thing to note when purchasing a vitamin-c product is its packaging. If vitamin-c is exposed repeatedly to air or light (as seen with vitamin c sold in dropper bottles or open jars) it will oxidize and lose its potency.

Vitamin E and F

These vitamins are the new must-haves in skin care. They are delivered in oil form and contribute to skins suppleness and overall firmness. I like to use vitamins E and F in skin that is very dry and damaged or post procedure to support skin healing. I use it after microneedling and/or PicoSure, for example. These are just very helpful oils in general.


This is by far my favorite product and has been for MANY years. I was so excited to design a retinol for RenewMD because of my personal skincare journey with skin resurfacing and pigmentation issues. Retinol comes in multiple doses, however, I prefer a medium dose of 0.05% used every other evening; bedtime is the best time for your skincare to work its magic. Also, retinol breaks down in the sun, which is why it is only applied at night. It increases cell turnover, ‘telling’ the skin that it has to keep making ‘new skin’, which becomes stronger, free of fine lines, irregularity and discoloration. In addition to all this – retinol also fights acne! I truly recommend this all-encompassing treatment to anyone who wants to see and maintain amazing benefits.

Eye Serum

The skin under and around the eye is very thin and prone to wrinkles. Eye serums are designed to specifically hydrate this skin area to protect and strengthen it from wrinkles and puffiness. It is best to avoid heavy or oily eye serums as they tend to be reflective making it difficult to use during the day. RenewMD SKIN’s eye gel contains a proprietary compound named Lipochroman which protects the skin around the eyes from UV damage.

Hydrating Moisturizer

Moisturizers are designed to replenish the skin with MOISTURE, not just oil. A good moisturizer will soak into the skin and seal it and protect it from ANY environmental damage while doing its inner work. In the winter, people need to moisturize more frequently because the air is more dry and harsh. It’s also important to realize that moisturizers which are heavily oil-based are likely to lead to clogged pores among many skin types, which results to skin breaking out, which then leads to further issues with skin texture and pigmentation.


Sunscreen MUST be worn rain or shine, daytime AND nighttime; it MUST become second-nature. I use sunscreens with an SPF of at LEAST 30, generally containing titanium or zinc oxide. These compounds instantly create a barrier to protect the skin from UV damage unlike chemical sunscreens that need to be used about thirty minutes before exposure to first get absorbed in the skin. Skin care should be fun, and reprogramming how to treat your skin is so essential for your overall appearance AND health. As we know, skin is the LARGEST organ of the human body. It dictates not only happening outwards, but what is happening internally. My team and I absolutely LOVE meeting clients at RenewMD who are actively trying to make better lifestyle choices not only to improve their physical appearance, but also maintain optimal long-lasting health and beauty. I hope these tips become second-nature to you! Book your consultation with Dr. Simran Sethi today!

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