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The Skin Cycling Duo

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The Skin Cycling Duo is an ideal skin resurfacing system for those preferring a minimalistic skincare regime and boasts medical-grade components that strengthen the skin's protective barrier. 

The Skin Cycling duo provides protection from damage brought on by intense active ingredients. This method of skin cycling allows for successful and secure recharging of skin with medical-grade components.

Night 1 & 3: Exfoliate and Resurface with The Skin Renewal Polish & Mask  

A cream polish that visibly lightens, restores an even skin tone, and softens rough, uneven skin texture without damaging the skin barrier. The Skin Renewal Polish & Mask safely eliminates dead skin cells and polishes the skin's surface for a clarified and brighter complexion. It can be used for exfoliation as usual or as a mask for 2-10 mins or for as long as you desire. Gently scrub or remove with lukewarm water.

Nights 2 & 4: Repair, Recovery and Replenish with the Retinol Lipid Complex

This combination of 0.5% retinol and glycolipid works powerfully but gently to stimulate long-term skin renewal. In addition, it helps reduce the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and other appearances of dull, uneven skin. It will not dry out, strip moisture, or cause purging or breakage to the skin barrier.

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Medica-Grade Skincare Products for Melanated Skin - SKIN by Dr. Simran Sethi

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