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Everything we do is to help you feel empowered, educated, and inspired to support a lifetime of beautiful skin and wellness - from the inside out. 

Medical and Aesthetic Education, Resources, and Inspiration straight from Dr. Sethi to you.

Welcome to SKIN U. 


Short courses straight from Dr. Sethi to you on skincare, wellness, and aesthetics

You don’t need an in-office visit to understand, heal, and achieve radiant skin. SKIN U masterclasses provide top-notch - and easy to understand - medical and aesthetic resources to ensure you are empowered to make the skincare and skin treatment choices that make you feel beautiful, safe, and confident.

What's My Skin Type


Dr. Sethi’s podcast on all things beauty and skincare

Get your questions answered, debunk myths, and get the truth about beauty and aesthetic treatments for gaining and maintaining your beauty from the inside out. Dr. Sethi dives deep into skin and body industry trends, clinically proven and trusted how-to’s, and the most sought out options for non-surgical body treatments for darker skin tones.