The Science

The Skin Renewal Cycle

Unlock your skin renewal cycle to finally heal, brighten change your skin

The philosophy of Skin comes from almost a decade of Dr. Sethi’s clinical experience using the skin renewal cycle to understand and heal skin. The skin renewal cycle is the reason how and why skin responds to inflammation of varying kinds. The truth is, darker, melanated skin tends to be even more prone to: 

• Hyperpigmentation, Dark spots
• Dusky, dull undertones 
• Dry, brittle skin  
• Scarring 
• Acne, clogged pores

If you’re experiencing any or all of these symptoms – your skin renewal cycle is more than likely low functioning, aka, it desperately needs to start self-healing to cure your skin woes. 

How The Skin Renewal Cycle Works

Every day, and every year, our skin is exposed to numerous elements, such as UV, blue light, climate changes, rashes, bacteria, fungus and more. When left untreated, the skin renewal cycle continues to slow, losing strength to repair, renew and rejuvenate. 

Skin renewal cycle is also known as skin cell turnover, which happens when your skin is optimally infused with nourishing and essential  medical-grade ingredients to increase the process of creating new skin cells, new collagen, improved skin elasticity, and fresh dermis and epidermis layers. When the skin renewal cycle is unlocked and enhanced – it is able to heal acne, scarring, environmental damage, uneven skin tone, rough texture, premature aging and more.  

the skin renewal cycle by age

Skin Cell Turnover

The Solution

Dr. Sethi has removed all the overwhelm and intimidation about unlocking and healing your skin renewal cycle, by pre-developing 4 skincare systems that target the root cause of acne, uneven skin tone, rough texture, accelerated aging, and environmental damage.  An awakened skin renewal cycle can truly heal and change your skin, forever.

Why it Matters for Women of Color with Melanated Skin

Most skin products JUST target melanin to reduce pigment production and try to make skin appear more even. The problem is, the cause of excess pigmentation, which could be from acne, inflamed or dry skin, still remains and continues to produce more pigment, essentially, not yielding any results.

Many skincare companies solve skin problems by singularly targeting the problem, often resulting in an imbalance in the skin renewal cycle. EX: Acne prone skin is over-dried, causing greater propensity towards oil production as the skin attempts to replenish essential glycolipids, and this dryness leads to more hyperpigmentation in darker skin types.

By following the natural skin renewal cycle, which promotes the integrity of the skin barrier, we can reduce skin hyperpigmentation, fight aging, scarring, and replenish essential moisture and lipids in the skin.

How the Natural Melanin Works

As women of color age, their natural melanin protects their skin from photo damage related wrinkles, but because they have more pigment they will have a more uneven skin tone. Additionally, gradual changes in hormones will make all women’s skin drier. Again, many anti-aging products focus on accelerating repair mechanisms with Vitamin C-based products, but this approach does not address the dullness and unevenness that pigmented skin is displaying. Adequate skin hydration and protection of that moisture along with pigment suppressing botanicals are needed to fully support the skin renewal cycle and reveal even and vibrant skin.